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Alternative Transportation Made Simple for Kids

Walk to School Day & Bike to School Day

The National Safe Routes to Schools Center is the coordinating organization for Walk to School Day held every October and Bike to School Day held each May. These events are used to encourage families to celebrate the benefits of walking and biking and to increase local leader commitment and visibility for traffic safety and community quality of life. Each year these events break records for participation. Most event coordinators report that their events led to changes to policies or the physical environment—the kinds of changes needed to support safe walking and biking every day, not just for special events. Visit the Walk and Bike to School website to learn more, register an event, or see schools that are already participating.

Alternative Transportation for Students

Kids are constantly being shuttled to and from school, athletics and more. But how aware are they of the environmental impact of vehicle transportation? Cars release an average of 9,737 pounds of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Public transportation like the school bus can reduce those greenhouse gas emissions by 37 million metric tons annually, but other options, like walking, biking, scooter or skateboarding, are even better for the environment. They’re also great exercise!

Does Your School Talk to Students About Alternative Transportation?

Start by defining what their options are and how to access them. Encourage your students to use alternative modes of transportation to get to and from school at least once a week! Once “on board” they can apply this lesson to a fun challenge that teaches them a bit more about how much sustainable transportation actually makes a difference. Create a chart that demonstrates just how gas you can save each time they choose not to drive in their car to school, the store, or the soccer field.

Take a Challenge

Come up with a goal number of gallons to save for the month and see if they can meet or surpass that amount. Have classrooms compete against one another to see who can save the greatest amount! The most important part of these lessons is getting students to become more mindful of their environmental impact. They will learn that they don’t need a complete lifestyle change to make alternative transportation more effective. Using those methods even just once a week—makes all the difference.


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