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  • They were easy to install, and with regards to safety I really like the fact that students are no longer walking around the campus with their skateboards in their hands.

    Joe Mitchell
    Vice Principal student servicesCharter Oak High School

  • You have a well made and much needed product! Kids skateboards’ need to be safe when they are in school, at the skatepark, or just going into a restaurant or movie. A lot of places won’t allow the skateboards – so this is a great solution for not only storage, but also for theft. I would also think some homes with a few ‘skaters’ would find them useful.

    Heidi Lemmon
    Executive DirectorSkatepark Association USA

  • Believe it or not, it has been a year since we installed the BOARDLOCH brand skateboard security rack on the wall by our choral room. The ads we read concerning the BOARDLOCH system turned out to be true–no hype! The device locks up skateboards securely, and we are impressed with the durability and quality of the rack itself! Your product is fantastic, and provides a much-needed alternative to lockers or unsecured skateboard storage areas! We wholeheartedly endorse your product, and commend you for such an ingenious design!

    Rich Stuelke
    Assistant Principal Student Services, Upland High School

  • Boardloch products are a terrific help in providing a skateboard security system in public, as well as private spaces. This system is the answer to our prayers and we have added Boardloch products to our community center, teen center, and other public locations. It is durable and affordable, and it doesn’t take up too much space!

    Dick Gutherie
    Director of Human ServicesCity of Claremont & Chair of the Southern CA Skate Park Coalition