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Scooters & Skateboards


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Scooters & Skateboards

E-Scooters & Skateboards

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Bench Racks

Brute_Bench for home

Combination Racks

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Kids skateboards need to be safe when they are in school, at the skatepark, or just going into a restaurant or movie. This is a great solution.

Heidi Lemmon - Skatepark Association USA

easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1) Insert skateboard or scooter between two support members.

2) Slide rings to the front of
the rack.

3) Secure rings together with a padlock (padlocks not provided)


Reduce liability &
eliminate clutter

Our security racks help provide a dedicated storage area to safely secure skateboards, scooters, and bikes.

Heavy Duty Design


Your product is fantastic, and provides a much needed alternative to lockers or unsecured skateboard storage areas!

Rich Stuelke - Upland High School
Ideal locations

Schools & Universities

Shopping / Retail Centers

Park & Rec

Youth & Teen


Public Transportation

Our Customers Include

Additional Features & Benefits


From products, logos, or color requests, we'll meet your specific needs.

Electric Options

Our products also secure most electric skateboards, electric scooters, and e-bikes.

1000's Sold

Thousands of products sold Worldwide since 2003.

U.S. Patents


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