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About Us

Our Mission: To help communities and organizations offer security devises for alternative modes of transportation.

Our Vision: To have skateboard and scooter security racks available in all the same places bike racks are found throughout our communities.

Loch Unlimited, Inc. has been offering Boardloch® brand products for over 15 years. The company launched in southern California, in the heart of skateboard culture, in 2003. Our quality, patented designs offer a safe and affordable solution for skateboard storage and security.

In 2012, Loch Unlimited, Inc. relocated operations to Bend, Oregon, where we continue our mission to provide American made products to our customers world-wide. Today, we are also offering products that secure scooters and bicycles. Our combination racks offer an industry leading and unique rack system that efficiently secures skateboards, scooters and bikes all in one.

In the future, as transportation trends in society change, our security racks systems will evolve to meet the needs electric transportation devices. We know that electric skateboards, scooters and e-bikes are the wave of the future, and as demand increases, we will be there to help your students, customers, and participants secure their electric devices.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of organizations like:

Our Customers Include