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Afterschool Skateboard Programs for Students. It’s Not About the Tricks!

As you know, schools have been closed due to COVID 19, but they are scheduled to reopen this Fall. Students will soon fill the halls and classrooms as they are eager to learn and see old friends again. Personally, I couldn’t wait for recess or for school to let out so I could be with friends to burn off excess energy and have fun. We didn’t have special afterschool programs that encouraged play and learning as keys to mental development and a healthy lifestyle.

In the past, afterschool programs began as grass roots startup clubs. Their goal was to get kids involved after school to nurture and develop skills for life. Later, these “clubs” became full-fledged certified organizations with one passion; keep children active and growing after school by engaging with their community, providing positive guidance and wholistic care.

More recently, afterschool programs have added a new dynamic to keep kids learning and encourage physical development – skateboarding! Organizations like Enter Skateboarding in California, and Skate After School in Arizona are rolling out educational skateboard classes for kids 5 and older. And tricks aren’t the only thing offered in these programs. Certified instructors offer beginners and the hardcore skaters alike an opportunity to ride safely while learning critical social skills, balance, endurance and determination through persistence along the way.

“I know if I do a trick and land it, I know if I worked for it, I can do the same thing at school,” says one participant.

Instructors coach students in a small class environment. It’s their mission to ensure every participant is safe and having fun while growing personally and physically. Using a Gamified Curriculum keeps the participant interested while they are learning and are physically challenged. Each themed lesson plan keeps children active as they move up the learning (skill) levels.

“We’ve matched key growth-mindset values—including courage, patience, practice, and persistence—with fundamental skateboarding skills. This builds confidence both on and off the board as they crush each new goal.” says spokesperson from Enter Skateboarding

These programs are not at every school (yet). But, rest assured, as the skateboard lifestyle continues to grow and develop beyond the “thrasher” culture these afterschool programs will increase in popularity as well. Our goal at Boardloch® is to work with schools, and the organizations providing these afterschool skateboarding programs, to provide a safe and economical way to store and secure skateboards when these afterschool participants are in class. BoardLoch® brand skateboard security products function like a bike rack for bicycles, but they are specifically designed to secure skateboards. Our mission is to help communities and organizations offer security devices for alternative modes of transportation. See our rack solutions here.