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Summer is a great time to review your campus’ infrastructure and overall safety – especially as it relates to how students get to and from school. Here are 3 things to help you prepare for the 2021-2022 school year.

  1. Inspect your bike rack area
  2. Consider adding security racks for skateboards and scooters
  3. Evaluate your crosswalks, bike lanes, and sidewalks

1. Bike racks can loosen from their mounting points over time, and the finish can begin to chip and peel. Inspect each bike rack to ensure it is properly secured to the ground, and that assembly points are tight. Feel areas that have peeling and chipped paint to ensure they aren’t sharp, rough, or abrasive. Have these areas sanded and repainted if necessary. Lastly, remove old locks, cables, chains, and bike parts that have been left behind. These items can create an unsafe situation. And let’s face it, they are unsightly. Here is a guide we found online with bike rack care and maintenance suggestions – View Guide.

2. Skateboards and scooters are a popular mode of transportation among youth. And, in many cases even more popular than bicycles. They are often less expensive than bikes, and they require little or no maintenance. Adding our security racks to lock these “non-traditional” modes of transportation improves safety by eliminating the clutter of having skateboards/scooters lying around or leaned up against exterior walls. These racks will also reduce your liability and exposure to incidents. Plus, it shows that your school supports all students and the ways they choose to get to and from school. BoardLoch offers multiple solutions for skateboard and scooter security.

3. Crosswalks, bike lanes and sidewalks are essential to students getting to and from school safely. Ensure your crosswalks are adequately marked, and their paint and signage is in good condition. Also evaluate if additional crosswalks may be necessary due to changes in the environment, infrastructure, or if additional residential building has taken place in surrounding neighborhoods. Evaluate bike lanes in the same manner. Lastly, inspect the sidewalks in and around your school. Ensure that they are in good condition, aren’t cracked or crumbing, or have obstructions. If you do have issues with nearby sidewalks, we would encourage you to reach out to your local municipal or other governmental agency responsible for sidewalks in your area and request they repair or replace trouble areas. Safe Route to Schools is a national organization that works with communities by providing grant money for improving infrastructure related the safety of students getting to and from school.

Contact us for information regarding our security racks and how we can work together to improve student transportation and safety! Info@boardloch.com, or (855) 853-3454.