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Top Tips to Avoid Bike & Scooter Theft on Campus

If you’re one of the many students who makes their commute on a bike or scooter, you’re probably aware of the security risks associated with doing so. All it takes for yours to be stolen is a persistent and well-equipped thief, and something that expensive isn’t easily replaced. So, how do you prevent this from happening? With thieves becoming more and more creative, it’s important for you to buff up your security to match. Fortunately, there are many easy and affordable methods to do so.

Invest in a Stronger Lock

A common mindset in purchasing a lock is that there’s no point in spending a large amount, and that a lock is a lock, regardless of the price. However, a cheaper lock is naturally made of cheaper, less sturdy materials that won’t stand a chance against a bolt cutter. Many higher-end locks are made of durable metals such as stainless steel, which will discourage thieves who are looking to quickly get in and make off with the bike.

GPS Installation

Though preventative action is best for preventing theft, it’s important to be prepared for the worst case scenario. If your bike or scooter has a GPS tracker installed, you can report it to the proper authorities, and be able to pinpoint the thief as well.

Adding Distinctions

Feeling creative? Consider adding some modifications to your bike, whether they’re cosmetic or functional. If there’s no distinctive features, a thief can claim they simply bought the bike, even if you manage to catch them. If you’ve added a unique and personal touch, this is naturally much more difficult to do. Not only does it get rid of their alibi, it makes it easier to find them in the first place. Having an unusual feature you can describe to the authorities makes your bike much easier to recognize, greatly increasing the likelihood of your bike being returned.

Encourage Your Campus to Hire Professionals

Of course, the most effective way to prevent bike theft is increasing campus security. Here at Boardloch, we partner with local schools to achieve just that. We have committed to making an affordable security rack that’s a step above the rest. With an extremely sturdy design and locks sturdy enough to deter even the most well-equipped of thieves, students and staff alike can have peace of mind in using Boardloch security racks. 

Not only that, but we provide a wide assortment, with specific designs for bikes, scooters, and even skateboards. If you need a secure solution to theft, take a look at our selection of racks here.