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15ft Bike Rack + (2) Brute 6



  • Floor mount design
  • Secures a total of 18 bicycles and 12 scooters/skateboards
  • Grey powder coated finish to battle harsh outdoor elements
  • Custom colors are available upon request
  • 12 year limited warranty
  • 36″ x 232″ x 30″

Replaces the Brute 6(s) with the Brute 5E to accommodate electric skateboards and scooters.



The Bike Rack 15 plus 2 Brute 6‘s (single sided) allows you to secure bicycles, scooters and skateboards. This rack is designed to mount to flat concrete floor surfaces. Once installed it safely secures a total of 18 bikes and 12 scooters and/or skateboards! This rack system truly does it all and is the ideal solution for your skateboard, scooter, and bike security needs.
Users must provide their own locking devices.

note: 5ft and 10ft bike rack combos are also available.