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Spartan 20 Tall Double-Sided



  • Floor mount design
  • Secures up to 20 skateboards, horizontally
  • Zinc plated finish to battle harsh outdoor elements
  • 12 year limited warranty
  • 60″ x 12″ x 26″


The Spartan 20 Tall has an overall height of 60″ and secures skateboards on either side (double sided). This rack is designed to mount to flat concrete floor surfaces. Once installed it safely secures up to 20 skateboards!

Floor mounting is ideal when wall space isn’t easily accessible or your walls are not constructed of masonry brick, block or concrete. In addition, floor mounting also gives you the freedom to create a designated skateboard storage area. You can mount this unit at the entrance to your facility, where your bike racks are located or at standalone locations where no buildings are present (skate parks, public transit stops, and parking lots). The ideal solution for your skateboard storage and security needs. Cost effective, safe and durable!
Users must provide their own padlock.