Secure Storage for Alternative Transporation (Skateboards & Scooters)

Secure Storage for Alternative Transporation (Skateboards & Scooters)

It’s a new year and with that comes many resolutions surrounding the health and wellness space. Many people are heading to the gym and taking alternative routes of transportation in order to make healthier lifestyle choices. As we see an influx of alternative transportation options such as scooters, skateboards, bikes, and more it becomes increasingly challenging to provide secure storage. Along with secure storage, cluttered businesses and campuses are imminent and theft at these locations will undoubtedly increase. 

Providing skateboard and scooter storage security makes your establishment more user-friendly and more desirable. Many people enjoy taking alternative transportation to work or to stores especially when the weather is favorable. Not providing these options will ultimately deter consumers, students, and staff from your establishment. If there is nowhere to safely secure their transportation how are they expected to participate in your business or school?

During the spike of new resolutions and people opting to be healthier, scooters, skateboards, and bikes will be much more prevalent at your establishment. This can lead to a cluttered appearance which sends the wrong message to those visiting and the overall image you’re trying to portray. Implementing BoardLoch security racks can reduce clutter by providing optimized storage solutions at various locations.

Along with the clutter, unsecured items of value like modes of transport are sure to be stolen. This will lead to increased theft across your establishment, and disappointed students, faculty, and staff. Deterring theft and keeping your business or school and prioritizing the safety of individuals and their belongings is of utmost importance. 

Start the new year off on the right foot by Implementing BoardLoch skateboard and scooter security racks at your establishment today. Our patented security racks will help avoid clutter and decrease theft while simultaneously providing secure storage for students and staff. It will also make your campus or business much more desirable for individuals using alternative transportation.

The Increased Need for Security Racks on College Campuses

The Increased Need for Security Racks on College Campuses

The desire for alternative transportation is steadily increasing. More and more people are riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, and more in lieu of driving or taking the bus. Choosing alternative transportation allows people to make healthier decisions as well as reduce their spending on the cumbersome costs of a vehicle. 

Unfortunately, the increase in alternative modes of transportation bring about challenges for campuses, businesses, and the like. No need to worry, though. This is where BoardLoch comes in and offers several solutions that engage students and faculty and aides to offset the main issues establishments are facing when dealing with alternative transportation. 

The increase in alternative transportation has led to reduced availability for students and faculty to store their bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. Therefore, this leaves them frustrated and takes an abundance of time for people to find a different yet suitable option for secure storage. The limited rack availability also leads to individuals utilizing school property as a means to secure their items which can be damaging, less effective, and overall undesirable for all parties. 

Other aspects to consider are clutter and theft. When the availability of storage spaces are limited it can lead to a clutter effect as multiple other transportation devices are left in heaps or tied up to light poles, benches, and other items. This overall disheveled look across campus isn’t ideal. Along with clutter, theft becomes a rising fear amongst different individuals trying but failing to secure their items. If there aren’t any spaces left, the student is unable to find an alternative securement for their items, it’s entirely possible people will pretend to lock it up to a surrounding object or another item which can result in stolen equipment.

The first thing to consider when combatting cluttered campuses, limited storage availability, theft, and overall dissatisfaction from students/faculty is increasing the number of storage racks across campus. It’s best to identify which security racks best suit your campus and implement them in high traffic areas to serve a larger audience.

If adding more security racks on campus is not an option consider looking into a combination rack. This allows multiple storage solutions for scooters, skateboard, and bicycles simultaneously. Combination racks are one of our highly sought after racks because they continue to serve a majority of individuals due to the multi-item storage it offers.

BoardLoch understands that people are wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, save money, and make healthier choices. That’s why we do out best to create patented security racks for bicycles, skateboards, and scooters as well as combination racks. Having ample racks across campus serves the student body and faculty immensely. Continue to support your campus through keeping it decluttered but also through making the faculty and student body feel heard and understood. Give us a call today or browse the BoardLoch website for more information and to see a list of partnerships we’ve held with prestigious clientele like Google, Starbucks, Tesla, college campuses, and many more.

Top Safety Tips for Riding Scooters & Bikes at Night

Top Safety Tips for Riding Scooters & Bikes at Night

Many people worry about riding their bikes and scooters after dark, and for good reason! It’s hard for many drivers to spot cyclists, and harder for cyclists to see hazards. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and by taking the right precautions, you can make it just as safe as daytime bike riding. Here are a few of the best things you can do to ensure your safety when cycling at night.

1. Plenty of Lighting

For obvious reasons, you’ll have considerably more trouble seeing stray branches, potholes, curbs, or anything else that could pose a risk to your safety. Because of this, you should come equipped with some form of lighting, whether that’s in the form of headlights, a headlamp, or another type of mounted light. Though you’ll have to pay more attention than you would during the day, sufficient lighting will still allow you to avoid any potential hazards.

2. Wear Bright Colors

Bikes aren’t the most noticeable of vehicles, so it’s important for you to make yourself as visible as possible. Wearing dark colors will cause you to blend into the night, so drivers won’t be able to see you until they’re dangerously close. By wearing bright colors, or even something reflective, you can make yourself stand out to drivers, ensuring your safety and avoiding a traffic incident.

3. Be Extra Cautious

Sure, it’s fun to explore new routes and ride around at top speed, but you’re better off saving that for when you have better visibility. Even if your lighting is decent, you’ll still have worse distance vision than usual. This, combined with the unfamiliarity of your route, will give you an extremely short time frame to react to obstacles, especially at high speeds. Be sure to stick to routes you’re familiar with, and take them slower than usual.

While the risk is there, these measures mean you don’t need to worry about night cycling at all! At Boardloch, we understand the importance of bike safety and security and have committed ourselves to improving it. That’s why we offer a variety of safety racks for skateboard, scooters, and bikes alike!

For more safety tips or information on our top-of-the-line security racks, feel free to check out our blog! We hope that you’ll be able to enjoy cycling with complete peace of mind.

5 Things To Do When Your Bike is Stolen

5 Things To Do When Your Bike is Stolen

Bike theft is stressful for anyone, whether you use your bike as a primary form of transportation, or enjoy recreational bicycling. Luckily, having a bike stolen isn’t a hopeless situation, and if you act fast, you may be able to recover it after all! 

Here are 5 things you should do when you discover your bike has been stolen.

Trace the Footage

This isn’t the case for everyone who has to deal with a stolen bike, but sometimes there are nearby surveillance cameras that capture the incident as it unfolds. If your bike gets stolen in a public area outside of a local business, you may be able to inquire about the security footage and find out who took your bike.

Begin the Physical Search

If the bike was stolen recently, start looking immediately at the surrounding areas to find it. Visit pawn shops, flea markets, and nearby public bike racks, and you may just recover your stolen bike. If you do find it, be sure to let the police know and file a claim with them. They may be able to guide you on how to proceed to recover your stolen property. 

Tell Your Network

When in doubt, look to your network for help. Post to a local social media group and tell your friends to share the news. Include a photo and the exact dimensions of your bike to ensure that you have a higher chance of recovering it. 

File a Police Report and Insurance Claim

If you immediately report your stolen bike to local police and file an insurance claim, there’s a greater chance that the police will be able to recover your bike. Filing a claim will also help you to replace the bike in case it cannot be recovered. 

Use BoardLoch’s Security Locks

Finally, ensure your bike is locked up and protected to reduce the possibility of bike theft altogether. Using BoardLoch’s patented bike racks adds essential protection to your bike. 

Our heavy-duty, patented design with tamper-resistant hardware will meet your security needs to store your bike safely and efficiently.

Top Tips to Avoid Bike & Scooter Theft on Campus

Top Tips to Avoid Bike & Scooter Theft on Campus

If you’re one of the many students who makes their commute on a bike or scooter, you’re probably aware of the security risks associated with doing so. All it takes for yours to be stolen is a persistent and well-equipped thief, and something that expensive isn’t easily replaced. So, how do you prevent this from happening? With thieves becoming more and more creative, it’s important for you to buff up your security to match. Fortunately, there are many easy and affordable methods to do so.

Invest in a Stronger Lock

A common mindset in purchasing a lock is that there’s no point in spending a large amount, and that a lock is a lock, regardless of the price. However, a cheaper lock is naturally made of cheaper, less sturdy materials that won’t stand a chance against a bolt cutter. Many higher-end locks are made of durable metals such as stainless steel, which will discourage thieves who are looking to quickly get in and make off with the bike.

GPS Installation

Though preventative action is best for preventing theft, it’s important to be prepared for the worst case scenario. If your bike or scooter has a GPS tracker installed, you can report it to the proper authorities, and be able to pinpoint the thief as well.

Adding Distinctions

Feeling creative? Consider adding some modifications to your bike, whether they’re cosmetic or functional. If there’s no distinctive features, a thief can claim they simply bought the bike, even if you manage to catch them. If you’ve added a unique and personal touch, this is naturally much more difficult to do. Not only does it get rid of their alibi, it makes it easier to find them in the first place. Having an unusual feature you can describe to the authorities makes your bike much easier to recognize, greatly increasing the likelihood of your bike being returned.

Encourage Your Campus to Hire Professionals

Of course, the most effective way to prevent bike theft is increasing campus security. Here at Boardloch, we partner with local schools to achieve just that. We have committed to making an affordable security rack that’s a step above the rest. With an extremely sturdy design and locks sturdy enough to deter even the most well-equipped of thieves, students and staff alike can have peace of mind in using Boardloch security racks. 

Not only that, but we provide a wide assortment, with specific designs for bikes, scooters, and even skateboards. If you need a secure solution to theft, take a look at our selection of racks here.

Alternative Transportation Made Simple for Kids

Alternative Transportation Made Simple for Kids

Walk to School Day & Bike to School Day

The National Safe Routes to Schools Center is the coordinating organization for Walk to School Day held every October and Bike to School Day held each May. These events are used to encourage families to celebrate the benefits of walking and biking and to increase local leader commitment and visibility for traffic safety and community quality of life. Each year these events break records for participation. Most event coordinators report that their events led to changes to policies or the physical environment—the kinds of changes needed to support safe walking and biking every day, not just for special events. Visit the Walk and Bike to School website to learn more, register an event, or see schools that are already participating.

Alternative Transportation for Students

Kids are constantly being shuttled to and from school, athletics and more. But how aware are they of the environmental impact of vehicle transportation? Cars release an average of 9,737 pounds of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Public transportation like the school bus can reduce those greenhouse gas emissions by 37 million metric tons annually, but other options, like walking, biking, scooter or skateboarding, are even better for the environment. They’re also great exercise!

Does Your School Talk to Students About Alternative Transportation?

Start by defining what their options are and how to access them. Encourage your students to use alternative modes of transportation to get to and from school at least once a week! Once “on board” they can apply this lesson to a fun challenge that teaches them a bit more about how much sustainable transportation actually makes a difference. Create a chart that demonstrates just how gas you can save each time they choose not to drive in their car to school, the store, or the soccer field.

Take a Challenge

Come up with a goal number of gallons to save for the month and see if they can meet or surpass that amount. Have classrooms compete against one another to see who can save the greatest amount! The most important part of these lessons is getting students to become more mindful of their environmental impact. They will learn that they don’t need a complete lifestyle change to make alternative transportation more effective. Using those methods even just once a week—makes all the difference.


BoardLoch® brand products are designed to effectively store devices such as bicycles, scooters, and skateboards. Boardloch® supports those youth and adults that use these alternative modes of transportation! For more information, please visit

Afterschool Skateboard Programs for Students. It’s Not About the Tricks!

Afterschool Skateboard Programs for Students. It’s Not About the Tricks!

As you know, schools have been closed due to COVID 19, but they are scheduled to reopen this Fall. Students will soon fill the halls and classrooms as they are eager to learn and see old friends again. Personally, I couldn’t wait for recess or for school to let out so I could be with friends to burn off excess energy and have fun. We didn’t have special afterschool programs that encouraged play and learning as keys to mental development and a healthy lifestyle.

In the past, afterschool programs began as grass roots startup clubs. Their goal was to get kids involved after school to nurture and develop skills for life. Later, these “clubs” became full-fledged certified organizations with one passion; keep children active and growing after school by engaging with their community, providing positive guidance and wholistic care.

More recently, afterschool programs have added a new dynamic to keep kids learning and encourage physical development – skateboarding! Organizations like Enter Skateboarding in California, and Skate After School in Arizona are rolling out educational skateboard classes for kids 5 and older. And tricks aren’t the only thing offered in these programs. Certified instructors offer beginners and the hardcore skaters alike an opportunity to ride safely while learning critical social skills, balance, endurance and determination through persistence along the way.

“I know if I do a trick and land it, I know if I worked for it, I can do the same thing at school,” says one participant.

Instructors coach students in a small class environment. It’s their mission to ensure every participant is safe and having fun while growing personally and physically. Using a Gamified Curriculum keeps the participant interested while they are learning and are physically challenged. Each themed lesson plan keeps children active as they move up the learning (skill) levels.

“We’ve matched key growth-mindset values—including courage, patience, practice, and persistence—with fundamental skateboarding skills. This builds confidence both on and off the board as they crush each new goal.” says spokesperson from Enter Skateboarding

These programs are not at every school (yet). But, rest assured, as the skateboard lifestyle continues to grow and develop beyond the “thrasher” culture these afterschool programs will increase in popularity as well. Our goal at Boardloch® is to work with schools, and the organizations providing these afterschool skateboarding programs, to provide a safe and economical way to store and secure skateboards when these afterschool participants are in class. BoardLoch® brand skateboard security products function like a bike rack for bicycles, but they are specifically designed to secure skateboards. Our mission is to help communities and organizations offer security devices for alternative modes of transportation. See our rack solutions here.

Benefits of Skateboarding

Benefits of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is not a crime…
“It’s truly beneficial!”

Says Dr. Zoe Corwin, one of the lead researchers that recently conducted a study called Beyond the Board. It asked over 5,000 youth between the ages of 13 to 25 years old a variety of questions to better understand the commonly held misperceptions around skateboarding culture. Even though our society tends to label skateboarders as “rebels, social deviants or rule-breakers,” said Corwin, the study actually showed quite the opposite. Among the many useful results, the data from this study found that:

  • Skateboarding improves mental health.
  • Skateboarding and skateparks foster a sense of community.
  • Skateboarding encourages diversity and resilience.

The legendary skateboarding icon, Tony Hawk, who’s foundation funded the study, the Tony Hawk Foundation, stated that “little attention has been directed towards truly understanding who skateboarders are, what they think, or why skateboarding has become such an integral part of their identity.” The goal of the study is to “redefine what it means to be a skateboarder and highlight connections among skateboarding, education and career.”

Another researcher involved in this study, Neftalie Williams, concluded the following specifically about skateboarders:

  • “Skaters develop the ability to communicate and build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.”
  • “Skaters are excellent critical thinkers and problem-solvers.”
  • “Skaters view success from a more communal perspective.”

After reading this study we, at Loch Unlimited Inc., concluded that the real “crime” is allowing stereotypes to mask the real benefits of an activity. Our society tends to focus on the benefits of traditional “organized” sports, but judges, criticizes, and refuses to recognize the benefits of non-traditional sports and the benefits they bring to the participants. We are grateful that the Tony Hawk Foundation partnered with the researchers at the University of Southern California to help shed some light on this subject. USC is not only a leader in research, but supports skateboarding by providing Boardloch brand skateboard security racks on campus. Boardloch offers many options for skateboard storage and security. Visit Boardloch to view all of our products.

Are You Prepared for the Upcoming School Year?

Prepare your campus for kids transportation this school year with our racks - BloardLoch Blog

Summer is a great time to review your campus’ infrastructure and overall safety – especially as it relates to how students get to and from school. Here are 3 things to help you prepare for the 2021-2022 school year.

  1. Inspect your bike rack area
  2. Consider adding security racks for skateboards and scooters
  3. Evaluate your crosswalks, bike lanes, and sidewalks

1. Bike racks can loosen from their mounting points over time, and the finish can begin to chip and peel. Inspect each bike rack to ensure it is properly secured to the ground, and that assembly points are tight. Feel areas that have peeling and chipped paint to ensure they aren’t sharp, rough, or abrasive. Have these areas sanded and repainted if necessary. Lastly, remove old locks, cables, chains, and bike parts that have been left behind. These items can create an unsafe situation. And let’s face it, they are unsightly. Here is a guide we found online with bike rack care and maintenance suggestions – View Guide.

2. Skateboards and scooters are a popular mode of transportation among youth. And, in many cases even more popular than bicycles. They are often less expensive than bikes, and they require little or no maintenance. Adding our security racks to lock these “non-traditional” modes of transportation improves safety by eliminating the clutter of having skateboards/scooters lying around or leaned up against exterior walls. These racks will also reduce your liability and exposure to incidents. Plus, it shows that your school supports all students and the ways they choose to get to and from school. BoardLoch offers multiple solutions for skateboard and scooter security.

3. Crosswalks, bike lanes and sidewalks are essential to students getting to and from school safely. Ensure your crosswalks are adequately marked, and their paint and signage is in good condition. Also evaluate if additional crosswalks may be necessary due to changes in the environment, infrastructure, or if additional residential building has taken place in surrounding neighborhoods. Evaluate bike lanes in the same manner. Lastly, inspect the sidewalks in and around your school. Ensure that they are in good condition, aren’t cracked or crumbing, or have obstructions. If you do have issues with nearby sidewalks, we would encourage you to reach out to your local municipal or other governmental agency responsible for sidewalks in your area and request they repair or replace trouble areas. Safe Route to Schools is a national organization that works with communities by providing grant money for improving infrastructure related the safety of students getting to and from school.

Contact us for information regarding our security racks and how we can work together to improve student transportation and safety!, or (855) 853-3454.